Indeca Crude Xpress specializes in hauling crude from even the most remote locations of the Permian Basin.  Our 11 service yards within some of the richest oil and gas production areas in the country allow us to properly maintain our fleet, continually train our employees, and bring crude safely to the delivery point. 

The Secret To Our Success

  1. Engage in long term business relationships with the best companies in the industry.
  2. Buy and maintain the best equipment. 
  3. Utilize technology to foster efficiency in all stages of our operation.
  4. Employ the best people in the industry, then foster their growth through high standards, continued education, and a culture of respect.

Customers & Employees Want The Best


Our crew drives late model, top of the line, day cab trucks.  We also have sleeper cabs available upon request.


Our crews love these trailers because they are new and come with the latest safety equipment and technology offered including the "High Alert" system.


E-ticketing using Samsung tablets and Citizen bluetooth printers so you have less paperwork and faster paychecks; high alert trailer system so you're safer on the road; online employment applications for fast consideration and onboarding.

Best Maintenance Facility and Program

Large Shop

Our 20,000 square foot primary yard in Midland, TX is fully equipped to maintain and fix all of our equipment.

Quality PM Program

All equipment receives regular preventative maintenance.  Parts that have reached the end of their life from age or mileage are replaced even if they are not broken.

On Site Wash & Fuel

Full service wash and fuel facilities available at the 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Midland, TX.  Additional fuel sites available throughout our West Texas yards.

Yards and Housing

Primary Yards

Midland, TX

Monahans, TX

Mentone, TX

Eunice, NM

Satellite Yards

Barnhart, TX

McCamey, TX

Pecos, TX

Orla, TX

Carlsbad, NM

Housing Available

McCamey, TX

Mentone, TX