About Us

We are passionate about being the best crude oil haulers in the industry.

Indeca Crude Xpress is a privately owned and operated crude oil hauling company in the Permian Basin serving West Texas and and Southeastern New Mexico. We started hauling crude in 2000, and have some of the most tenured employees in the industry. Each member of our executive team has been in the business for 15-30 years, and has worked for some of the most powerful players in the industry.

Indeca Crude Xpress was created because we wanted to fix some of the operational inefficiencies in the crude oil hauling industry, while creating a family-style culture that welcomed employees of all backgrounds. We foster a diverse workplace where we value innovation and input from our employees. The result of this collaborative approach is that our employees are more dedicated to their work than others in the industry. 

Customers of Indeca Crude Xpress are loyal because of our outstanding safety record and on time deliveries. We utilize the best technology on the market to deliver crude oil safely and cost effectively. We proudly partnered with QV21 Technologies for our automated crude oil ticketing, dispatch and logistics systems.  And we use GeoTab for our automated IVMS and driver logging systems.

Indeca Crude Xpress thrives on long term relationships with the best companies in the industry. If you're looking for a reliable company to haul crude in the Permian Basin, look no further. Contact us today.